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Call Me When You Get This – DirtyWhite

Call Me When You Get This – DirtyWhite
👎01. Young Together
🆗02. Good Side
🆗03. Strong Enough
🌊04. Monster You Made (ft TVM Killa)
🔥05. Another Love Song
🆗06. Pillow Case
🆗07. Told You to Stay
😴08. Beautiful Day
🆗09. Grew Up Too Young (ft Breeze Davis)
🌊10. Sole Regret

Maaaaan this hurts me a little to do I fuck with Dirty and I get this is a lil different then what we usually get from him but I’m not feeling most of it. The beats have a very blade runner vibe and that’s cool but on most of these my adhd kicks in about a minute in and I’m bored. A couple tracks really jumped out at me and I wouldn’t mind hearing more of that. Maybe on a less synth heavy production I would fuck with the singing more. The production itself is clean everything sounds crisp there’s quality here I’m just not fucking with this particular flavor of DirtyWhite.
5/10 – JW

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