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December Son – Cameron Jay

December Son – Cameron Jay

December Son – Cameron Jay
🔥01. intro
🆗02. Peter Rabbit Jr
🔥03. Hustle (ft Pretty Girl 1st, s Da Don, K.I.N.G.)
🔥04. Champion
🌊05. Ya Tu Sabe (ft Ran Jay)
🆗06. Where We Are (ft Cleph)
🆗07. Lui Kang (ft 👎Larmonie👎)
😴08. Sex In My Mercedes
🌊09. Gold Chain
🌊10. Miss You (ft Tru Vocalz, Islima)

Projects a easy listen not to long not to short, dudes got a dope voice and can rap I can live without the love songs tho but that’s personal taste. Track 7 would of gotten a higher rating but that chick was dogshit should of gotten another verse from home girl on track 3 she was cooking. Productions clean everything’s mixed pretty well but I could of lived without two or three of these tracks would of made it a more cohesive project for me.
6.8/10 – JW

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