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Everything1k – Domo1k

Everything1k – Domo1k

🆗01. Intro
🆗02. Bells (ft Yungcho)
👎03. 24 (ft 2400 Dunk)
😴04. Hallway (ft Ace)
👎05. MissingMyOG (ft Mere)
🆗06. Everything1k (ft BandManKilo & 23)
🆗07. Longway (Bonus)

Yo I got a question what makes a track a bonus track now days? Just cause you put bonus at the end? I’m really tryna understand what the bonus was here because it wasn’t quality. This is 6 mediocre tracks followed up by a bonus mediocre track. Nothing really stand out here for me it was like eating off brand lunchables I know what it’s trying to be and the thing it’s failing to mimic isn’t even good in the first place.
3.5/10 -JW

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