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Eliminate – Dreadhead Jackson

Eliminate – Dreadhead Jackson

Eliminate – Dreadhead Jackson

😴1. All They Know
🆗2. Eliminate
😴3. Clique f. 👍🏾B.A.D
🌊4. Petty
💤5. Lit
👍🏾6. Reminiscing
👎🏾7. One Time
😴8. Checklist (Bonus Track) f. 👍🏾B.A.D

Project was missing allot. That being said it had a bunch going for it. Production and quality was clean but this dudes raps threw me off. He bragged about how rapping is easy but was just beating me to death with these dr suess ass setups and flow. It was mad boring, nothing original, and the stud he had on it twice cooked him both times and she wasnt even snapping like that. She wore the pants on this project. Some flows, and some engaging content can go a long way. Till then this project can go a long way the fuck outta here.
2/10 – John D.

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