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A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing – Yannone

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing – Yannone

🆗️ 1. I’m Here…Now
🆗️2. Backfire
🆗️3. This Is War
👍🏼4. Fuck Off (ft. Cortez🌊)
💤5. 10 Years [Quit talking and rap]

A Sheep in Logic’s Clothing. There’s barely any emotion in this mans raps. I believe this sheep is a Logic Stan, there’s lots of filler. A solid amount of “Mic Check, Mic Check” moments. Shitty hooks, and once you think he’s about to go in he just torches those chances with talking. Just like any Logic project, you gotta have 1 feature to outshine you. I’m not rocking with this Bobby Boy shit.
2/10 – Drake K.

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