Everybody’s Everything – Lil Peep

Everybody’s Everything – Lil Peep

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Everybody’s Everything – Lil Peep
?01. Liar
?02. AQUAFINA f. Rich The Kid
?03. RATCHETS f. Lil Tracy & Diplo
?04. Fangirl f. Gab3
?05. LA to London f. Gab3
?06. Rockstarz f. Gab3
?07. Text Me f. Era
?09. Moving On
?10. Belgium
?11. When I Lie
?12. I’ve Been Waiting [Original Version] f. iLoveMakonnen
?13. Live Forever
?14. ghost boy
??15. Keep My Coo
?16. white tee f. Lil Tracy
?17. cobain f. Lil Tracy
??18. witchblades f. Lil Tracy
??19. walk away as the door slams [acoustic] f. Lil Tracy

Project is intravenous Ambien put my ass straight to sleep. Very few passable songs on here the whole project is just the same song blended and re-served with some different accoutrements. Subject matter is literally repeated on every track. I know it’s the cool thing to do to hate on cats like this but this shit really is blander then some plain cornflakes. And I don’t feel as though this music will have a substantial impact on music in the future.
2/10 – JW


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