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Everybody’s Everything – Lil Peep

Everybody’s Everything – Lil Peep

Everybody’s Everything – Lil Peep
🆗01. Liar
😴02. AQUAFINA f. Rich The Kid
😴03. RATCHETS f. Lil Tracy & Diplo
😴04. Fangirl f. Gab3
😴05. LA to London f. Gab3
💩06. Rockstarz f. Gab3
😴07. Text Me f. Era
😴09. Moving On
🆗10. Belgium
🆗11. When I Lie
💩12. I’ve Been Waiting [Original Version] f. iLoveMakonnen
😴13. Live Forever
😴14. ghost boy
👍🏻15. Keep My Coo
😴16. white tee f. Lil Tracy
😴17. cobain f. Lil Tracy
👍🏻18. witchblades f. Lil Tracy
👍🏻19. walk away as the door slams [acoustic] f. Lil Tracy

Project is intravenous Ambien put my ass straight to sleep. Very few passable songs on here the whole project is just the same song blended and re-served with some different accoutrements. Subject matter is literally repeated on every track. I know it’s the cool thing to do to hate on cats like this but this shit really is blander then some plain cornflakes. And I don’t feel as though this music will have a substantial impact on music in the future.
2/10 – JW

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