Cancer Baby – Runic

Cancer Baby – Runic

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cancer Baby – Runic
?01.Cancer Baby
?02. Doxins
?03. Homebrew
?04. Terror Hip-Hop
?05. Dead Horse (I’m Still Waiting) [ft Dead Horse Beats] ((beat is gas))
?06. Inner Child Fine China (ft Think2wice)
?07. What You Expect
??08. Traveling 89 (ft Klumzy)

Projects straight, a couple weak songs, the second half of the project is exponentially better in my opinion. It’s not that the first half is bad but some of the tracks he sounds wild stiff and is tip toeing on word salad like 75% of the time. The second half is just as wordy but he had a little more variety in his inflection and tone and his topics are clearer throughout. Production is nice everything sounds pretty clean his vocals coulda maybe used some more love just something to take away some of the blandness. Project is skeptically in rotation for me.
6/10 -JW


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