Dojo2 – Loksr

Dojo2 – Loksr

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dojo2 – Loksr

?1. Dai Biao
?2. The Swordspirit
?3. Laoshi (ft. Mat Rafle)
?4. Ninjitsu (bass line repetitive)
?5. Iron Fist (the strings overshadow the drum pattern at it’s annoying)
??6. Jian
?️7. Qi (ft. Snorkl)
??8. Ronin
??9. Fei Niao
??10. Jiyuu (ft. Mad Mutha)

The 21st chamber. The theme and pacing is nice. The voice clips are a nice addition but I have no idea what value they’re adding. The hat patterns are overlyused, and the snares don’t hit hard, but the quality is outstanding though. The length of most of these tracks kill me, mainly cause half of the time the beat barely switches up. This on ifhy rotation
5/10 – Drake K.


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