Eleven – Agstract

Eleven – Agstract

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Eleven – Agstract

?01. F.M 11
?02. Up on Thangs
?03. Eleven
?04. Everglow
?05. SummerTime (ft Chelsea Reject)
?06. Reina’s Interlude
?07. Ex-Cuses
?08. Voicemail 011
?09. Stop Hurting Yourself
?10. Twelve

Project was dope really only one weak track and even that wasn’t the worst. Production slides tracks definitely convey the same mood the lyrics and skits set. Some tracks are a little bouncier then others but everything has a little moodiness to it again conveying a tone. Looking forward to hearing more from this cat, project is in rotation for me. If you a lil on the emotional side this’ll speak to you too.
8/10 – JW


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