Ghetto Cowboy – Yelawolf

Ghetto Cowboy – Yelawolf

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?1. Mama Wolf
?2. Unnatural Born Killer
?3. Opie Taylor
?4. Box Chevy 7
?️5. Here I Am (country version of I’ll Whip Ya Head boy by 50 Cent)
??6. Still Ridin’
??7. Lightning
?8. Renegades
?9. So Long
??10. You and Me
?11. A Message from DJ Paul
?12. Country Rich (ft. DJ Paul?)
?13. Keep On Rollin (ft. Big Henri?, and Cub Da CookUpBoss??)
?14. Ghetto Cowboy

It’s time to put Old Yela’ down. This project has love, drug abuse, car lover written all over it. After track 3 ends, nothing is experimented with. It’s all cookie cutter after that. It may all sound good, if you wanna keep it that way; don’t read his lyrics. The chorus’ and verses are Logic level at best but they actually sound good. “Bumpin’ Pink Floyd in May weather” and “Cause I got a plug in cleats, yeah, that’s how much that he loves running” are the only bars I actually liked on this joint. The features actually spiced up the ride; even if they were bad. I think it’s time for him to be a country singer cause this ain’t it chief.
4/10 – Drake. K.


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