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Ghetto Cowboy – Yelawolf

Ghetto Cowboy – Yelawolf

Ghetto Cowboy – Yelawolf

📽1. Mama Wolf
🌊2. Unnatural Born Killer
🌊3. Opie Taylor
😴4. Box Chevy 7
🆗️5. Here I Am (country version of I’ll Whip Ya Head boy by 50 Cent)
👎🏼6. Still Ridin’
👍🏼7. Lightning
💤8. Renegades
😴9. So Long
👍🏼10. You and Me
📽11. A Message from DJ Paul
🌊12. Country Rich (ft. DJ Paul🌊)
🔥13. Keep On Rollin (ft. Big Henri🔥, and Cub Da CookUpBoss👎🏼)
🚮14. Ghetto Cowboy

It’s time to put Old Yela’ down. This project has love, drug abuse, car lover written all over it. After track 3 ends, nothing is experimented with. It’s all cookie cutter after that. It may all sound good, if you wanna keep it that way; don’t read his lyrics. The chorus’ and verses are Logic level at best but they actually sound good. “Bumpin’ Pink Floyd in May weather” and “Cause I got a plug in cleats, yeah, that’s how much that he loves running” are the only bars I actually liked on this joint. The features actually spiced up the ride; even if they were bad. I think it’s time for him to be a country singer cause this ain’t it chief.
4/10 – Drake. K.

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