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Radio Ransom Vol 1 – Amir

Radio Ransom Vol 1 – Amir

Radio Ransom Vol 1 – Amir

💤1. Swervin
👍🏾2. Pop Out
🌊3. PTSD
🌊4. Money in the Grave
🌊5. So Brooklyn/So Hollis
🔥6. 100 Shooters
🔥7. Jeff Hamilton
👎🏾8. Megatron

Project is nice. Take off the first and last track and you set. Its got hooks, its got raps, dudes voice is dope, his flow and cadence solid not bad at all. Hes got the voice of someone that can give us a real classic if he really set his mind to it. Production was cool for the most part im not mad at it. Pacing was ok, again if you take off that first and last song. It works tho, its short its sweet and off first listen I had a bunch of parts stuck in my head. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


Stream RADIO RANSOM VOL 1, an album by AMIR. Release Date: September 28, 2019.

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