Sections Vol. 2 – Coach Peake

Sections Vol. 2 – Coach Peake

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sections Vol. 2 – Coach Peake

?1. Job
?2. Doin Much
?3. Type
?4. Inspired
?5. Bently (ft. 6ix3ree Huncho?)
?6. Stay There
?7. Piracy
?8. High Roll (ft. 420 Zayboe?)
?9. Doin That
?10. Auto Pilot (ft. 6ix3tree Huncho?)
?11. Try Me Out
?12. Wrist
?13. Cocky
?14. Scoop on You Freestyle
?15.For You

Buy a hard copy of this album, liquify it, and then use it for your lean from now on. This is what the low-budget-uninspired Dizzy Wright sounds like. The beats are groovy as fuck but don’t stick out enough to make it an enjoyable ride. This sounds like the cheapest production I’ve ever heard, like some emastered type shit. 63 is the Demrick of the project. 420 is the only person that actually fits this whole joint. Despite the 3 wavy pieces, this ain’t it chief.
2/10 – Drake K.


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