Is He Real? – IDK

Is He Real? – IDK

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is He Real? – IDK

?1. Cloud Blu
?2. 42 Hundred Choices
?3. The “E” in Blue
?4. Alone
?5. 24
?6. Lilly
?7. Porno (ft. Pusha T and JID?)
?8. I Do Me . . . You Do You
?9. December
?10. European Skies
?11. No Cable
?12. Digital
?13. Michael What TF
?14. Julia . . .

It’s a mini Ye. Mans legit did what he said he would in Trigger Happy. Dope raps, dope singing, and dope ? parts that don’t throw off the vibe of the project. The suprise features were perfectly placed. Production is an “A+” in my books. Track transitions smooth as fuck. Def gonna bump this while staring at mountain goats.
10/10 – Drake K.


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