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Mayflower – Yung Sums

Mayflower – Yung Sums

Mayflower – Yung Sums

🚒1. Mayflower
🔥2. Timeless
😴3. Martin & Gina
🌊4. Sativa
🔥5. Wrong Places
🎥6. Mr. T (skit)
🚒7. Almighty Dollar
🌊8. Mob Ties (ft. Tee Blaze) [Bonus]

This a sit down type project. Mans can rap and get his word out but straight rapping can get outta hand. Lost me at the 😴 joint, the story didn’t grab my attention at all. You can tell some of these beats were yoinked from youtube, but he did em justice. Production and transitions slide. Sums and Blaze did that bonus song wonders. Mr. T says spin this one time. You won’t regret it.
9/10 – Drake K.

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