Emmanuel – Ameer Vann

Emmanuel – Ameer Vann

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Emmanuel – Ameer Vann

?1. Emmanuel
?2. Pop Trunk
?3. Glock 19
?4. Los Angeles
?5. Sunday Night
?6. Plastic

As far as the abuse aligations go, this 6 piece is a bunch of dream punches. Weak beats, rhymes are there, substance lacks, production is subpar, and when it’s over you barely remember anything. Track 1 and 3 be the only things you’ll remember. Let’s hope Brockhampton fans stfu about hearing Ameer again. This ain’t “Heat” or “Alaska.” Y’all got a money grab project. I ain’t letting this get in rotation.
4.7/10 – Drake K.


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