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Ethernet 2 – Wifisfuneral

Ethernet 2 – Wifisfuneral

Ethernet 2 – Wifisfuneral

🌊1. Run?
👍🏼2. eggs
🔥3. When it’s all said & done
👍🏼/🌊5. WYA, pt. 2
🌊6. I really hate pills
👍🏼7. 30for30 (ft. Al Benji👍🏼)

This was a comfortable listen. There’s minor signs of substance in this mans lyrics, but “pills & bitches” is what people wanna hear these days so that shits there. Beats were dope, just the 👍 tracks sounded like every other artist that was on XXL. Other than those, beats and production be 🔥. Radio ready for sure.
6.5/10 – Drake K.

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