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Hennessy Memories – Ynx716

Hennessy Memories – Ynx716

Hennessy Memories – Ynx716

🚮01. Proud of Me
👎🏼02. Sleep Walking
👎🏼03. Heart
👎🏼04. Hidden Lines
😴05. Numb
😴06. A Killers Killer ft Conway the Machine
👎🏼07. Legend
👎🏼08. All I ever Wanted ft Lemantic
🌊09. Love Lost fr 38 Spesh 🔥

Idk what you did with mixing or if it’s what you’re going for but your tone and flow is mad hard to understand. I had to keep leaning closer to my speakers to try and understand you. The bars I did catch we subpar. Just not a fun ride boss. Next.
2.5/10 – Frankie

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