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God and Girls – Dee-1

God and Girls – Dee-1

God and Girls – Dee-1

🔥01. I Know God
🔥02. It Ain’t Safe
🌊03. Always Knew (ft. Canon🌊)
🚒04. The One (ft. Jonathan Mcreynolds🌊)
🌊05. People Don’t Want That Real
🔥06. Ready For You (ft. Denisia🌊)
🌊07. Put Me In Coach
🌊08. Just Go (ft. PJ Morton🌊)
🌊09. The Narrow Road (ft. Christon Gray🌊)
👍🏼10. Passin On Em (ft. Ze11a👍🏼)
🌊11. God and Girls

This the rap version of “Igor.” It’s definitely about God and Girls for sure, 11 songs of it didn’t get old at all surprisingly. The beats didn’t get repetitive. Overall from the beats to most of the features, everything was enjoyable till Ze11a came in and ruined the groove with his uneeded feature. Production was on key. Radio readiness is a for sure. It only needed a diamond and one less Ze11a and it would’ve been perfecto. Regardless, in rotation
8.5/10 – Drake K.

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