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#MME6 – Vvg

#MME6 – Vvg

#MME6 – Vvg

🔥02.Spit or Down
🔥03.Clout Chasin’
👍🏼04.Magic Johnson Part II
👍🏼05.Bubba Chuck
👍🏼06.Baby Boy
🆗07.On God Nem’
🔥11.Trillion Dollar Verbal Freestyle
🆗12.Marathon OG Freestyle

Not the biggest fan of Drake but I know more than a few of these are his beats. With that aside his pacing and bars are solid. I was nodding to more than a few of these tracks. Need to watch how you were high key copping the flow of some of the original artists. It’s noticeable to anyone with ears and a brain. Try an original project obviously you can’t really market this.

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