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Get Rich 6YX – Get Rich Chris

Get Rich 6YX – Get Rich Chris

👍🏼01. Real
🚮02. Fugazi
👍🏼03. Take Em Back
🆗04. 100 Days 100 Nights
🚮05. Tell Me Lies ft YB Sk8 👎🏼
👎🏼06. Watcha Know
🚛07. Do For You
👎🏼08. Remain The Same
😴09. Blessing
👎🏼10. I Can’t Lie
🆗11. Doe B Flow

This is that generic new age short bus type sound. Some of it is what I could see cats listening to but the rest is all garbage. Glad I could save ears on this one.
2/10 – Frankie

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