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$$ speaks – Bollywood Play {2018-2019 $$ Compilation}

$$ speaks – Bollywood Play {2018-2019 $$ Compilation}

$$ speaks – Bollywood Play {2018-2019 $$ Compilation}

πŸ”₯01. Dont Play (SelfSavior X Kin X 13aDluck)
πŸ†—02. SS – Voodoo FT Slick Watts
πŸ‘03. $$ – 12:46 FT Slick Watts
🌊04. $$ – 456
πŸ‘05. Self Savior – Flu Season Feat Slick Watts
πŸ”₯06. The Feeling Just Hold Me – $eph $$ & $lick Watts ($ Gang)
πŸ†—07. $elf $avior – Outta Control [Last Year]
πŸ†—08.Ta$te – $$ & LEW$Hi$
πŸ‘09. Fresno Remix FT Realz Bergante
πŸ’©10. LEW$Hi$ & $elf $avior – What It Melt Like
πŸ†—11. $elf $avior – Fuckum
πŸ‘Ž12. $$Gang – $$
πŸ†—13. Speaker Box (ft Kin) [Prod By HiHatter]
πŸ†—14. Gotti Fi You – $$ {Prod Haynes Records}
πŸ†—15. Hatchback /Β πŸ‘ŽWrinkle of Time – $$
πŸ‘16. Decode Ft 13adLucK & Kin (Prod By Kin)
πŸ†—17. Inaccurate / Vegas – $$
πŸ†—18. $$ – Victim
πŸ‘19. Who / Uproar – $$
πŸ‘20. Out The Park – Maybach Dice ft $$
πŸ’€21. Not For Free – $$ ft Leek

This is my second attempt to review this project, everytime I try to type out this clusterfuck of a tracklist I want to die. I understand its a compilation but jesus fuck, I typed it out exactly as it appears on Soundcloud. For a new listener I have no idea who’s who by looking at this and I don’t know who’s rapping unless they say their name and if I didn’t have a direct link I’d never be able to find this shit by searching it. There’s a few fire tracks on here but mostly it’s just a cluster of subpar songs that seem unfinished. I’m almost willing to bet it’s 90% stolen YouTube beats except that one Tyga beat and that Swizz beat. The tracklist reflects the project entirely total cluster fuck with a little bit of potential sprinkled in. Consider this a pity pumpkin.
5/10 – JW

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