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The Adventure of Mr. Fathead 2 – Thaddeus Fathead

The Adventure of Mr. Fathead 2 – Thaddeus Fathead.

👍 01. Let Em Hate
👎 02. Take Uh Picture (Feat. Sails)
🆗 03. What Ya Known About
👍 04. Nothing to Lose
👍 05. Main Event (Feat. Lewy Gotti)

NotYaManz favorite rapper blessed the world with a subpar “classic” (relax). I will admit its miles better than what you have released to date. You are rapping. Beats are cool. But im not giving you any slack because you hyped this as much as you did and its not a classic by any meaning of the word. Keep trucking on “Mr. 3/10”. We see the improvement
6/10 – M.

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