Gig Files – Easter Jigga

Gig Files – Easter Jigga

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Gig Files – Easter Jigga

?01. Loud
?02. Mirror Mirror
?03. F****d Up (ft BlankCh3ck)
?04. ShowcaseTour
?05. Gang Gang (ft Qeez 209)
?06. No Talkin (ft GoldLampGenie?)
?07. Let’s Get High (ft Hanzie22)
?08. Keep It 100
?09. Members
?10. Guap (ft BlankCh3ck
??11. Safe (ft Litty700?)
?12. Deceased
?13. EA Sports
?14. Can’t Swear (ft Duncmayne)

Easter is a returning red stamp veteran. If this man has one thing going for him it’s consistency because he’s done it again. This project is a steaming pile of dog shit, nursery rhymes, basic ass flows, recycled nonsense I’ve definitely heard before. This project feels like when you go to rinse the bottom of your trashcan out because there was something especially putrid at the bottom and you get a drop in your eye and mouth, it’s probably not going to kill you but your sure it shortened your life a little and gave you some kind of infection.
1/10 – JW


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