About Damn Time – Kohlton Seagrave

About Damn Time – Kohlton Seagrave

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]About Damn Time – Kohlton Seagrave

??01. Awoke
??02. Pure
?03. Dot Vs the World
?04. Jerry (Skit)
?05. Bitch f. Marv WonLoose Logic & Quest MCODY
??06. The Bottom
?07. Homicide
?08. Time Bomb f. Breana Marin
?09. My S**t f. Tu Wyte
?10. Lyndsey (Skit)
?11. Eff U
?12. Interlude (Back to the Basics)
?13. Moldy Bread (Skit)
?14. Shoot Me Now
??15. W(Hole) f. Dubbs (hook was weak)
?16. A Letter 2 God f. ?Breana Marin
?/?17. Broke

Project is a roller coaster of reality. I def enjoyed it. Off rip he addresses the Em comparisons and honestly getting it out early makes you not think of it. His delivery is very aggressive and almost full on crazy white boy but it doesnt feel forced and the more you hear him spill his heart out you feel it. His insecurities, his fears, his love for his daughter all of it is on here and delivered nicely. Production is nice, whole project is clean, features for the most part did they thing, they came layed down something nice, maybe a nice hook if he wasnt doing it himself but it never took away from what he was trying to do. Solid project filled with wordplay and some very relateable heavy lines. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.


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