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Lituation – MKHL

Lituation – MKHL

Lituation – MKHL

🌊1. The Captain
🆗2. Pretty Lies
🔥3. Sharingan (ft. Jakku Hatsuan🌊)
🌊4. Fuck all that
😴5. Da Boat
🆗6. Netflix
🌊7. I ain’t gon hold you (ft. Jakku Hatsuan🌊)
😴8. Fuck goin on
🌊9. Risk

Just above meh. Mans influenced heavy by the new wave. Sound like he on that 6ix9ine yelling shit. This don’t hold any originality. Jakku stole the light on the tracks he featured on. Vocals were too low on the 🆗 tracks. Mans hopped on the same rap topics with the shit he rapping on the 😴 tracks. Production and quality get a “C.” Project needs some high maintenance mixing done. Partially in rotation.
6/10 – Drake K.


Early preview

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