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In My Defense – Iggy Azalea

In My Defense – Iggy Azalea

In My Defense – Iggy Azalea

🌊01. Thanks I Get [Cardi B flow?]
👍02. Clap Back
🌊03. Sally Walker
😴04. Hoemita (ft. Lil Yachty 👍)
🌊05. Started [beat kinda 🚮]
😴06. Spend It [Played out lines.]
😴07. Fuck It Up (ft. Kash Doll🌊)
👍08. Big Bag (ft. Stini🌊)
👍09. Comme Des Garcons
😴10. Freak Of The Week (ft. Juicy J😂)
😴11. Just Wanna [haven’t heard a superbad clip in a minute]
👍12. Pussy Pop

Who wrote this crap for her? She can flow pretty well. Hooks weak as fuck and ruined a lot of the songs with the repetitive half assed hooks. She angry she slept on, but projects like this is the reason people be clocking 💤. The beats are the average beats you’d find in to the 2 for $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Yatchy be trying to sound like he in migos. Kash killed it. Juicy’s adlib kills me every time. Production is there for sure and it’s radio ready but It’s 🚮.
3.25/10 – Drake K.

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