Brandon Banks – Maxo Kream

Brandon Banks – Maxo Kream

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?01. Meet Again [Hook ? tho]
?02. Bissonnet [repeated flow already]
?03. Change
?04. The Relays (ft. Travis Scott?)
[Overused flows to potentially get a billboard spot]
?05. 8 Figures
?06. She Live (ft. Megan Thee Stallion?)
?07. Dizzy Draco
?08. 3 AM (ft. ScHoolboyQ ?) [? beatp
?09. Spice Ln. [? beat]
?10. Murda Blocc (ft. ASAP Ferg ?)
?11. Pray 2 The Dope [? beat]
?12. Brenda [? beat]
?13. Brothers (ft. KCG Josh?)
?14. Dairy Ashford Bastard
?15. Still

Mans sound like just in it for the ?. No shame tho, people who in it for the ? put out boring music half the time. Mans kept the same lazy ass monotone flow the whole ride. Mans ruined could’ve saved the project if he at least put some effort into recording. Saved the ? beats for the last half of the project. The other half were generic as fuck. Minus Travis and Megan, the features killed they parts and even killed mans on his own shit. Production is there for sure. Sounds paid for. Substance is the same as almost everyone else’s. Nothing new to me. Definitely not listening to to album as a whole.
1.34/10 – Drake K.

Brandon Banks by Maxo Kream

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