The Lost Tapes 2 – NAS

The Lost Tapes 2 – NAS

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??01. No Bad Energy –
?️02. Vernon Family –
??03. Jarreau Of Rap (Skatt Rap) Ft. Al Jarreau & Keyon Harold
??04. Lost Freestyle
?05. Tanasia
?️06. Royalty Ft. Ravaughn
??07. Who Are You ft. David Rainer
??08. Adult Film Ft. Swizz Beatz
??09. War Againts Love
??10. The Art Of It Ft. J.Meyers
??11. Highly Favored
?️12. Queens Wolf
??13. It Never Ends
?14. You Mean The World To me
??15. Queensbridge Politics
??16. Beautiful Life Ft. Ravaguhn

I’m saying this now if your not on the Nas wave you wouldn’t get it. This project isn’t like the 1st lost tapes but that style of energy is still there. For the most part the “he cant pick beats” saying isn’t here, For example track 3 shows his versatility and range is far beyond what we expect. But this project also shows that even with some of the biggest producers his skill set of jewels and street tales shall never change. None the less this is a solid project and I pray we don’t have to wait another couple years for another project and also that this project doesn’t get swept under the rug cause of the distaste of one song.
7/10 – OG Grey

The Lost Tapes 2 by Nas

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