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Outsider – B.Good

Outsider – B.Good

Outsider – B.Good

🆗1. Satellite
🚮2. Outsider
😴3. Chaos
👎🏼4. Hand Grenade
🚮5. Puzzle Piece
🆗6.Chasing Ghosts
😴7. Evolution

Production was very well put together. Beyond that this project was very underwhelming. He sounds like G-Eazy’s jealous step brother who will never match the hype. The hooks are all garbage and the singing rap isn’t hitting at all. I struggled to find anything I liked about this project lyrically. It seems like he knows his lane at least which is the biking lane beside the curb. Try an entirely new sound or a different music genre because none of this is working.
1.5/10 – Frankie

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