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Six Shots EP – The Statezmen

Six Shots EP – The Statezmen

Six Shots EP – The Statezmen

🔥1. Grand Duel (Boyyyy that scratch n turn up)
🌊2. Fistful of Drums
🌊3. Howdy Partna
👍🏾4. The Trail
🌊5. Westbound
🔥6. Doppleganger f. Dirty Needles

Project is nice, its different but still manages to be very smooth and very hip hop. Goes a lil deep into the western thing which might turn people off but I was rocking with it. Its clean, its got mad elements in it, and also ends with a nice treat, someone rapping. Needles did his thing, I also enjoyed hearing his frustrations about his rap comparisons more than I should have. All in all nice listen, very clean, and it just flows. Short too so the replay value is nice. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.

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