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Casket Music II – Phrozone

Casket Music II – Phrozone

Casket Music II – Phrozone

🆗1. Casket Music II
😴2. Casper
👎🏾3. B.I.G.Ger
👍🏾4. Ghost Party
🚮5. Lil’ Saint
🚛6. Gengar
🌊7. Dead to Me
🌊8. Danny Phantom
😴9. Boo (Beat is fire)

Project has a bunch of potential but just falls short on all ends. Dude can rap but doesnt rap about much on this. When the beats work, he doesnt work with them and vice versa. Its just very strange, the whole time I was thinkin, that he highkey forgot to put his super suit on. Its just missing a spark. Like he has all the ingredients but cooking it all up wrong. Project just didnt stand out, comes off more boring than it actually hitting.
4/10 – John D.



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