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Alive- Count Slick

Alive- Count Slick

🔥01. Welcome (intro)
🚒02. Chandelier, pt. 2 (Ss)
🔥03. Alive 
🚒04. Sagittarius
🆗05. Circle (ft Caydrik )
🌊06. Breathe
🌊07. Crawl
🌊08. Her (interlude)
🔥09. Mud
🔥10. RunItUp
🔥11. Dedicated (ft Wassai 🔥)
🔥12. Wait
🌊13. Stain (ft Joseph Noah)
🔥14. Manifesto

Project is straight heat guys talking bout some depressing shit while simultaneously rapping his ass off. Fucked up the vibe a little by following track 4 up with a weak track but they can’t all be perfect. Production is fantastic beats are mad smooth. Strongly recommend giving this a spin.
8/10 – JW



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