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Shawty Paid – Z Money

Shawty Paid – Z Money

👎1. Shawty Paid Intro
👎2. Playing Wit Ya Nose
🌊3. How I Came In
🆗4. Jumpin’
🗑️5. Wealthy
👎6. Stay Down ft Yung Mal
🌊7. Louis On That Girl
👎8. Where U Sent ‘Em
🆗9. 1017 Paper Rout ft Key Glock
🆗10. I Need A Lick
🌊11. Millions ft Hood Rich Pablo Juan
🗑️12. Meds
👎13. Ah Shit
👎14. Just Left the Kitchen
🗑️15. Mr. Cut Ya Stove On
👎16. Fiends Callin
🆗17. Prolly Cookin

First thing why does he sound like he is whispering on every track. I had hopes, I was searching high and low to find something that was sounding decent. Nothing stuck out, production was good but that’s normal for this day and age unless your Nas or Eminem. If I liked the song on this project it was not because of what he had to offer that’s one thing for sure. Substance was not there, that part was lacking. Every song was about fucking a bitch or drugs. Is that all these new age rappers know?
4/10 – J.P


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