Deja-Vudu – Vudu

Deja-Vudu – Vudu


Deja-Vudu – Vudu
??1. Ocean
?2. Mistakes
??3. Dangerous
?4. Island of the Damned
?5. Lately
?6. Nxt 2 U
??7. Walking in Your Store
Its like that era of emo/melodic hardcore that harvested a billion copycat bands with full sentences for names, but in sadboy form. I never thought I would hear some sad boy stuff that I wouldnt take serious. This is that, production is the boring side of sad boy, sad noises, long drawn out things. Dude seems like he can sing at times but then that singing gets jumped by autotune till its slightly robotic. The pacing is draining, gets very boring. The content also doesnt seem genuine, it also seems like part of this wave. The cover says it all. You know what you are getting into.
3/10 – John D.


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