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PURELYART – Sketchy Mane

PURELYART – Sketchy Mane

📻1. Hustlin
🆗2. No Gimmicks!
😴3. ART
📻4. For Real Interlude
🆗5. Open Windowz
👍🏾6. In The Rain…
📻7. Make It Last Outro

Project is sleepsville. Its only like 4 actual songs and 3 clips. Production is nice but this dude sounds slightly uninspired. He can rap but his voice, tone, and cadence just werent doing it. Sounded so bored that I got bored. I had to put my phone very far away so I could just listen and not scroll IG and twitter. Little bit more energy, maybe cleaner mix this coulda been solid.
4/10 – John D.


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