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Bag Flow Vol. 1 – Dre Smoove

Bag Flow Vol. 1 – Dre Smoove

🆗1. The People Freestyle
👍🏾2. Why Freestyle
🌊3. Henny & Mary Jane
🌊4. Down 4 U Freestyle
👍🏾5. Down Ass Bitch Freestyle
🌊6. Lady Freestyle
🌊7. Ante Up Freestyle
👍🏾8. Foolish Freestyle f. Dat Boy DOPE

Project slides, dude can rap for sure he got a cold cadence. Started rough and like a bit much and also its hard to give points when cats rap on legendary beats and dont absolutely lay it to rest, but he still did his thing. Quality overall is of the soundcloud variety. Other than that tho I enjoyed it. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.

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