Codeine Waffles – Shake

Codeine Waffles – Shake


Codeine Waffles – Shake
?01. Waffle House (Wahhh Houwwww)
?02. My Turn Freestyle
??03. Living Right Freestyle
?04. Play Me f. Baz
??05. Freestyle Session f. KKC
?06. How We Lived f. Buckin
?07. Spaceship f. Kado
?08. Why
?09. Betrayed
??10. Plottin On Me Freestyle
Struggle ass project is highkey ass. This project wears hats with the monster energy drink logo on it and wifebeaters exclusively. Whole project screams hatchet man tattoo but with a cup of lean in its hands. Everything was weak, he did everything below average but made it worse with his subject matter which was always backpedaling shit from the previous song. Singing, weak. raps, cheeks. production, by someone rocking socks with holes in it. The potential is here but if he changed his whole subject matter and production choice because you can kinda hear the suburban struggle in it but the delivery was like someone from Astoria telling you they from queens.
John D.


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