Midnit3 The Messiah – Mute The Messiah

Midnit3 The Messiah – Mute The Messiah


Mute The Messiah – Midnit3 The Messiah
?1. Lame
?2. ButterflyManz f. ?Lindsay Whiteman
??3. Aesthetic Sauce
?4. Bad Karma
Project bit off more than it could chew. Its got too many weird noises, and then this dude is confidently stiff all over it. He can string some words together but the delivery is not it. Picture that one cypher where that drunk white kid who wont stop rappin jumps in, and people keep hyping him up and he keeps trying things out because hes amped. Now try hearing that for 4 tracks, no drinks in you, and no background hype or ignorant cats yelling out “ayeee” every bar. Projects stiff, and has just way too much going on, its like dance pop new age rap but all the bad from each genre. Pass on this. Its also on youtube.
John D.


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