THE RISE & FALL – Saddoc

THE RISE & FALL – Saddoc


THE RISE & FALL – Saddoc
??1. The Rise f. Ruse
?2. Praise
??3. Rupture f. Camm LaPeen
?4. Questions
?5. & f. Novuh Kaine, Rocko Tesla, & ?Synodic
?6. Doubtful
??7. Pest
?8. Let Down
?9. Fall
Projects a mess. Dudes masters were exported from a bag of chips. Its noisy its strange its crunchy like its not an easy listen. I get what he was trying to do but it was not executed right. His tone with the industrial type beats and all the effects didnt work the volumes didnt work, even the effects on the features werent hitting. Maybe soundcloud did you dirty or your engineer but either way this highkey left me with internal bleeding. Pass.
John D.


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