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Fortunate2 – Mark Battles

Fortunate2 – Mark Battles
Fortunate2 – Mark Battles
🌊01. Twenty Nineteen
🔥02. Real Ones f. 12fifteen (This beats fire)
🌊03. The Reason
🌊04. Feel My Pain f. Brittani Jenae’
🌊05. No Elevator f. Keara Alyse Keita
🌊06. Thirty Eight Floor Please (Interlude)
🔥07. Young
🌊08. Too Many
🌊09. Soul Food f. Aske
🔥10. Numbers2
Project is heavy. From what hes talkin about, to the production and vibe of the entire project, its allot to take in. Its personal, but its also just fire music. He sounds comfortable the entire time, like it came easy. Production slides, the features all showed up and played a part in his story, its a good time. This is an artist who is comfortable in his skin and can switch it up whenever he wants. He also doesnt have to. In rotation.
John D.
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