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Gerald – Boogie

Gerald – Boogie
Gerald – Boogie
🌊 01. Gerald Junior
🌊 02. Celebrate (Feat. Treie)
🌊 03. The Sweetest Thing
🌊 04. Help (Feat. Keta Bananaz)
🌊 05. Bath Water (Feat. Keta Bananaz)
🗣 06. All That I Can Handle (Feat. SilverBlaq)
🌊 07. The Last Play (Feat. J Black)
👍 08. Black Champagne
🗣 09. The Trap (Feat. SilverBlaq)
🔥 10. Anonymous (Feat. Rick Rogers & SIC MIC)
🗣 11. The Goat (Feat. SliverBlaq)
🆗 12. Joe Clark
👍 13. Story To Tell (Feat. DJ Bee)
🌊 14. Gerald Senior
Project is pretty solid. He can rap. But has some occasional speed bump. They sometimes slip into word salad. Especially towards the end of each track. What you lacked in raps (at times) you made up with some fire production, dope little skits and talented features. You should consider changing your name tho. We already have a “Boogie”.
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