Blurry Nocturnes – Ekspan

Blurry Nocturnes – Ekspan


Blurry Nocturnes – Ekspan
?01. Shadowland
??02. Delirium
?03. Warrior f. Vic Goes Hard, Franc Heat & Vic Shadez
??04. Magnolia
?05. Blue World f. Ruuu, Jay the Greater, Dirt Vonnegut, Revalation, Caszack, Jace the Truth & Chris Romero)
?06. Unhinged
??07. Exoskeleton f. Vic Goes Hard
?08. Timequake f. Atn Prime & D. Cure
?09. Persistence f. Beanz & U-Nik Stylez
?10. Rorschach
?11. Babydoll
Project aint bad. Off rip tho some of Ekspan delivery comes off a bit stiff at times but hes rapping rapping so its not the worst. If you really listen tho you go from feeling like its word salad to seeing pieces of spinach n arrugala. Its not bad tho, his features and production save him for the most part but thats not a bad thing. Hes in the pocket and his raps are very clean its just the delivery just wasnt always for me, mostly it was cool but sometimes i was like meh. The beats banged, the features def brought it over the gap too. Not a bad listen as a whole, in rotation.
John D.


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