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Before the Throne – Yuung A.I.

Before the Throne – Yuung A.I.
Before the Throne – Yuung A.I.
👎🏾01. E&J
👍🏾02. For No Reason(s)
🆗03. Apart of My Plans
😴04. Front Stroke
💤05. MsBeinSingle (Srry)
🚮06. Perk in My Coffee
🚛07. ColdBoi Brazy (Interlude)
🆗08. Pinkies Up
😴09. Tbh
🆗10. Stacey Dash
😴11. Doug Rose
👎🏾12. Collect Calls
😴13. Star Power
👎🏾14. That’s If I Fail
💩15. Tempest (Might be the most annoying song ever)
👍🏾16. Scraps
Sound like someone told him to sound like a cat in the booth so they can add autotune to it.Project is annoying. Its every annoying new age noise and habit put in a blender then canned for mass production. Chef Boyardee of new age music. Struggle shit that no one admits they like but we’ve all come in contact with it. Production is meh, whatever hes whining about is meh, those noises are trash and if its not trash its boring. Project couldve had some tracks slide but he made sure to make it extra annoying when it had potential. Project aint it.
John D.
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