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Death Race for Love – Juice WRLD

Death Race for Love – Juice WRLD
Death Race for Love – Juice WRLD
🌊01. Empty
🌊02. Maze
🆗03. HeMotions
🌊04. Demonz (ft Brent Faiyaz)
🆗05. Fast
🆗06. Hear Me Calling
🆗07. Big
💤08. Robbery
🆗09. Flaws and Sins
🆗10. Feeling
💩11. Syphilis
🆗12. Who Shot Cupid?
🆗13. Ring Ring (ft Clever)
🌊14. Desire
👍15. Out Of My Way
🆗16. The Bees Knees (to long)
👍17. ON GOD (ft Young Thug)
🔥18. 10 Feet
🆗19. Won’t Let Go
🆗20. She’s The One
🆗21. Rider
🆗22. Make Believe
There’s some songs on here that slide for sure but outright I can tell you this project is about ten songs to long. To many of the songs hold the same tone/tempo and I get that some of the subject matter is supposed to be emotional and deep but it’s to much of the same shit. There’s not many songs that are outright bad but track 11 is straight doodoo butter everything else is pretty meh unless specified otherwise. Production is clean but there’s nothing ground breaking happening here.
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