UNDISPUTED – Various Artists

UNDISPUTED – Various Artists


UNDISPUTED – Various Artists
??01. Loose Lips f. Lul G, Bernard Jabs & Striiipes
??02. Lil’ Boy f. Nasaan & Bernard Jabs
?03. Spray f. Sneakk, Tyga & YG
?04. Bay 2 NY f. TJ Porter & Lul G
?05. Big Boss f. S3nsi Molly & Lil Brook
?06. Parade f. Dominic Lord & Rich the Kid
?07. Bandz f. Billz
?08. Recount f. TJ Porter & Landstrip Chip
?09. Death Row f. Ashton Travis
??10. Blue Faces f. Fetty Luciano & Landstrip Chip
?11. Diamond Boo f. Dominic Lord
?12. Therapy f. Nimic Revenue
??13. Blessing f. YFL Kelvin & YK Osiris
?14. Tragic f. Sneakk & Bernard Jabs
?15. Dope Boy f. Pvrx
Project is extremely new age. Its not a bad thing, just dont expect any real deep dark relatable substance. Do expect to feel cool if you sing this in public or around people under 25 with juice drink in your hand pretending its something else. The quality is up there. Some songs crunchy some slide, some just boring but nothing was ever like Terrible. For what its worth everyone did what they had to do on this compilation, it had a little vibe to it. Its def not gonna be for everyone but its better most the new age trash thats out. In rotation.
John D.


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