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Noise Kandy 2: The Re-Up EP – Rome Streetz

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Noise Kandy 2: The Re-Up EP – Rome Streetz
🔥1. Dmt Vape Pen
🌊2. Piss Moet
🌊3. Colombian Neck Tie f. ILLA GHEE & Agallah
🌊4. Dead Face Notes
🔥5. Master or Servant?
🔥6. Foaming out the Mouth
Something about this dudes sound makes you want to listen. His delivery, his punches his flow all of it just grabs you the second he starts. He didnt need the features, the production was dope but he literally made sure the main event and focus is him. The quality also has this grit n fuzz to it that made sense. Dude can fucking rap. This wasnt enough music. I needed more. This type of sound needs to never die. In rotation.
John D.
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