Burn the Circus – D1C3

Burn the Circus – D1C3


Burn the Circus – D1C3
?02.Burn the Circus
?03.Been Ill feat. Ren Thomas
?04.Lil’ Flaccid (Skit)
??05.Open Fire
??06.Azealia Banks
?07.Overtime feat. Breana Marin
??08.All About A Bill feat. Eric Joel
?09.Please Hold (Skit)
?10.Hellish Evil feat. Diabolic & SingaFrass
?11.The Style feat. Keith Murray
?12. Light It Up
?13.Divine Mathematics feat. S.Dubz & Tony Marsley
?14.That Mojo feat. iNTeLL & Father Sha
?15.Only Time feat. Breana Marin
This album snaps there’s that middle area where it does slow down a little bit, not saying it’s bad just saying he doesn’t go into the same bag like the others. He’s sticking to a topic of mumble rap is trash and he’s trying to save what he thinks hip hop should be and sound. Nothing wrong with that mindset and his flow production and features make this album amazing.


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