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Blind for love 2 – Kid Buu

Blind for love 2 – Kid Buu
Blind for love 2 – Kid Buu
🚮 01. Misery Needs Company
🆗 02. Fake Energy
🚮 03. Time$
💤 04. Trust Issues
💤 05. Deserve You
👍 06. I wish (this beat is gas tho)
If I only had the power to get a spirt bomb going, because I sure would get most these face tat hip hop clowns on a fyre festival island and do the world a favor. This is just a poor attempt at boohoo sad boy music, He sounds like a mix of every face tat person that’s relevant nowadays. Production is cool. I’m defiantly convinced the industry just makes clones now. This isn’t the one chief.
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