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Keys to the Kingdom – Jus Josef


Keys to the Kingdom – Jus Josef
? 01. Intro (You sound a tad uncomfortable)
? 02. I’m Good
? 03. New life
? 04. Just me
? 05. Lose my Life
? 06. Pushin’
? 07. You Never
? 08. Ghosted
? 09. God of Wonders (Feat. Profect)
? 10. Good Money
? 11. Somedays
? 12. Remind Me
? 13. Thats what (this hook is terrible)
? 14. Aberdeen
? 15. Shoutout
Although I respect what you have overcome, And I see what you wanted to draw for the listener. Unfortunately this project is boring as shit. I caught myself spacing out constantly having to run tracks back (Not because I wanted to). He can kinda rap, although it does sound forced from time to time. He also isn’t saying enough for me to say to myself “Wow this is great”. Production is clean. This isn’t the one chief.


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