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Herbivore – Kado THG


Herbivore – Kado THG
?01. 64
?02. Dedication
?03. Ghoulish
?04. Recipe
?05. Hi, I’m Wavy Feat Dope J
?06. The Illest Feat Yezzy$world
?07. No Rivals
?08. Goof Trip
??09. Do the right thing Feat Rachii
?10. What’s Good
This is the new age style music I don’t fuck with. I’m trying hard as fuck to pay attention and give it a chance, even his singing made me want to turn this album off and throw my whole phone away, believe me his hooks he wants to sing and the auto tune don’t get me started. Plus he says “yea” and “Ay” way to many fuckin times in almost every song, lil uzi sounding it makes you want to just play vert I swear. Now the production is here, beats are good, and he was turning it around on Tracks 9 and 10, he was going in his bag. I just needed more of that, not yea yea yea. He even made a Shaq reference at the free throw line this man hasn’t played ball in years come on man.


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